Training, Week 3

After training for a while, everyone accumulates little injuries. My friends and I have developed a long list of aches and pains and innumerable bruises. For your physical safety (and mental capacity as well) you have to take a class or two off to recuperate. I had to take some time off training this week because my right wrist was bothering me. I really think you need to take care with injuries like this, so I wanted to give my wrist some time.

This morning, I had a great session. My wrist was starting to hurt again, but the trainer was being very nice and understanding, showing me different kinds of moves (hello spinning back elbow) and combos. He was also working on cheering me up,  which was much appreciated; time away from training can make you feel a bit dejected in terms of progress. My trainer did notice I was missing the last couple days, which helps for accountability.

I have a couple more days to train before my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I come back, I think I’m going to make some changes to the expectation of my trainings, maybe a set 3 days a week or so. It’ll give me time to focus on my other trainings and enough time to rest properly in between trainings, which I think will be great in the long-run. 🙂

Training — Post 1 Follow-up

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about feeling dejected about training, today was fantastic! Not only am I developing a bit of a repore with the trainers, but I was complimented about my energy, fitness (they say fitness–I think it’s a British saying), and uppercuts 🙂 . And apparently I’m okay for my level with the kicking, too.

I had already gone about 7, 8 rounds with Tuk (owner of the gym) and then I was shadow boxing in front of a mirror for my last round. Well, this other trainer, one who works mostly with the little kids at the gym, held up his hands for me to hit. I must have done okay, because he grabbed some mitts and started holding them for me. He called over Tuk and said in Thai that I was good and Tuk replied of course, he was training me.

So maybe they see some potential. Yay for encouragement!