Training — Post 1 Follow-up

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about feeling dejected about training, today was fantastic! Not only am I developing a bit of a repore with the trainers, but I was complimented about my energy, fitness (they say fitness–I think it’s a British saying), and uppercuts 🙂 . And apparently I’m okay for my level with the kicking, too.

I had already gone about 7, 8 rounds with Tuk (owner of the gym) and then I was shadow boxing in front of a mirror for my last round. Well, this other trainer, one who works mostly with the little kids at the gym, held up his hands for me to hit. I must have done okay, because he grabbed some mitts and started holding them for me. He called over Tuk and said in Thai that I was good and Tuk replied of course, he was training me.

So maybe they see some potential. Yay for encouragement!

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