Getting a visa — Myanmar

As a seasoned traveler, you cultivate a belief that your passport is more valuable than gold. You keep your passport strapped to your body, under your clothes, watching it warp from the layers of sweat. My first trip outside the States, I had my passport stolen, and there’s no worse feeling when you loose your passport and the consulate is closed (as a newbie, ignorant to the levels of gov’t bureacracy, I felt hurt and isolated. I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN, BARCELONA!). 

So imagine my feelings today when I relinquished my precious passport, no less cherished now that I’m on home soil, to the United States Postal Service in the hopes of obtaining a Burmese (Myanmarian?) visa. Obtaining a 28-day, single entry, non-extendable visa from the embassy in Washington DC requires a relatively standard application, a work history report, 2 oddly-sized photos, and travel itinerary (and 20 bucks, but that was the easy part). Since I’m going to Myanmar at the end of my trip (June), I had to wait to apply to my visa since it’s only good 3 months from issuance. As I’m less than 30 days out from leaving (AH!), I’m going to have residual nervous and negativity creeping into my brain until it’s safe in my money belt. If it gets lost… No, can’t let that sort of negativity in!
… but what about all the stamps I have?!
Fingers crossed! 


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