If at first you don’t achieve…

I’m going back to Southeast Asia!

As you know, my first voyage didn’t exactly turned out as planned—predictably, because I had no plans. Living in Phuket for three months was by no means a mistake or a failure, but it wasn’t how I thought my time would be spent. This time, however, I am using taking the same approach I used when planning my first backpacking excursion into Western Europe (with the understanding that an Southeast Asian bus does not run with the same accuracy and comfort as a Eurail train). I am pouring over the guidebooks, making plans, iteneraries, etc. I can be flexible in case of cancellation or exciting new opportunities, but there has to be an initial plan, at least.

These improvements also include diligence when it comes to my blog. This will be my third attempt at trying to maintain an active blog space to help record my travels. Visually based, I tell myself, so more pictures and less words, which makes things easier for me and you. Shorter summaries, not detailed notes on each and every movement. I’ll try to write about my planning here as well, since I like reading about other blogger’s posts about the same.

Wish me luck—Here I go!

2 thoughts on “If at first you don’t achieve…

  1. kent

    Good to see your back at your blog… Thailand has its own special draw to it…. I’m heading back next week till early May… Its just hard to keep away from there….

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