The Nerve!

On the KTM Komuter train line to the caves, there is a “women only car”. Every transparent surface surface has a type of pink sticker on it, admonishing each potential train-goer in English and what I assume is Malay that this car is for WOMEN ONLY.

See? REALLY obvious

So when a man wandered in and began to read the paper, I was a little confused. Obviously, he was literate, so he could read the signs (although, as you can see, they’re pretty damn clear even if you couldn’t read). One of the cops riding in the car came over and told him to switch cars at the next stop. They even told a little boy traveling alone to go (i think if he was with his mother, he could have stayed).

Train police are not always in the car though, as evidenced by my return journey, when I found out that an unspoken rule trumps each and every pink sign.

No cops = man in the car.

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