A cat, a rooster, and a cow walk into a restaurant…”

Okay, so the cows (plural) were around the corner, but there was a cat and a rooster in the open air restaurant that I ate at the other day. Everything here is open air, the restaurants, the muay thai camp — basically just a roof with as few walls as possible. The breeze that blows through all of Phuket is a lifesaver; the sun for most of the day, the sun can be unrelenting and unforgiving (and boy, do I have the sunburn to prove it)

The "boat beach" at Rawai

My first week here in Thailand has definitely been a learning and varied experience. I’ve seen about three of Phuket’s towns (Patong, Chalong, and Rawai) and the accompanying shorelines. This exploration would be facilitated if I rented a scooter, but alas, British Imperialism has reared it’s ugly head. Well, Thailand was never colonized, but I can’t think of any other reason why [most] people drive on the left side of the road here. I think once I settle in a bit more, I’ll be much more comfortable with scooter driving.

I’ve been here at the muay thai camp for only 3 days, and I’ve already trained for 9 hours, more time than I could have trained in a week back in the States (oh, pesky employment). I took this morning off, even though I woke up less sore this morning than the past couple days. I just needed a bit of a lie-in. I drank some instant coffee on my little porch, enjoying the shade. I’m currently in a double room, but I have it to myself, so keep your fingers crossed for me that it stays.

Nice little beachside sidewalk

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