Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong’s skyline is impressive at any time and from any location. One of the best locations, from guidebooks and locals alike, is the nighttime view from Victoria’s Peak on the top of Hong Kong Island. From the Central subway stop, take the number 15 bus up the winding road to Victoria’s Peak ($1.25/30 mins).

Once at the Peak, there are two buildings with rooftop terraces to see the view unobstructed by the trees and foliage covering the peak. One is shorter by 3 stories, free, and offers much the same view. There are walks you can take around the peak, but at night-time, they are not lit very well (and offer no view of the city from the “back” side of the peak). Victoria Peak Garden is supposed to offer “unparalleled” views according to LP, but the road up to the peak is narrow, winding, devoid of sidewalk and light in many portions, making it a dangerous climb at night, worse when you consider any incoming vehicles. During the day, the 30 minute walk may be doable, but at night, bargain with a taxi to take you. The ride should cost approximately 30-50 Hong Kong dollars, or $4.50 USD.

Seeing the city from Victoria’s Peak is commonly proffered tourist “attraction” in Hong Kong. If you have the time, spending a few hours here isn’t a bad option. However, there are other options (eg, Avenue of Stars) for seeing the city’s lights. I am glad that I went… you can’t argue with the impressive view!

Word of caution: On the bus ride down, I sat on the upper level of the bus. The speed of the curves and the downhill angle had both me and my friend feeling nauseous, a feeling that was absent on our uphill climb from the lower level. You have been warned.  

And here comes the money shot!